KURA, Ag.Director General Eng. Kinoti addressing stakeholders during the kick off meeting to kick start the implementation of installation of ITS in Nairobi City.

The government has put in place plans for the establishment for Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) to control traffic and monitor traffic offenders in the city. This was revealed to stakeholders today in a City Hotel by Kenya Urban Roads Director Acting Director General Eng. Silas Kinoti who unveiled the Consultants who was hired to implement the project. “We have hired HP Gauff Consultants to design, develop tender documents, build capacity and supervise the implementation of modern ITS in Nairobi for the next five years”, he said.

The project which is part of Nairobi Urban Transport Improvement Program (NUTRIP) is funded to the tune of Kshs.1.4 Billion by World Bank and the Government of Kenya with Kenya Urban Roads being the implementing agency. The first phase of the projects targets installation of modern traffic signalisation system in 100 junctions major in Nairobi. The city has a total of 400 junctions which is a cause for major gridlock. It also involves the construction of a modern Operation Centre that will house engineers, system specialists, traffic police officers and the County traffic controllers who will monitor the system.

“The system is set to transform our roads with the reduction of human interface and collection of data that can help in decision-making. We expect drastic change in driving behaviour among motorists as traffic offenders will have no option but pay fines. This will not only reduce discretion but also increase revenue to the government, said Eng. Kinoti.

Speaking during the event, HP Gauff Managing Director Mr. Michel Fest exuded confidence that they will be able to bring Nairobi to the level developed Cities in the World with manageable traffic movement. ‘We have the expertise, experience and passion to implement this project to the fullest’, he said.

Infrastructure Secretary, Eng. Francis Gitau who represented the Principal Secretary called for discipline among motorists. “We lose over kshs.140 billion every year in the city due to traffic congestion. This is enormous and this is part of the solution to this problem,’ he said.