The authority has continued to prioritize projects to decongest urban areas in the country. Following the successful completion of Upgrading of Upper Hill Road Phase I, the Kenya Urban Roads Authority has advertised for second Phase which is intended to provide alternative exit roads in the Upper Hill area. The bids for this tender will be closed on 19th July, 2016.

Phase II involves the upgrading of, Masaba Road, Matumbato Road, Chyulu Road, Menengai Road, Parts of Mara Road,  Upper Hill, Lower Hill Road and link Road between Chyulu Road and Ragati Road. The essence and game changer of Phase II is and the construction a new road linking Hospital Road to Mbagathi Road behind Kenyatta National Hospital, thus decongesting Ngong Road.

This 6.5 kilometre long dual carriageway will incorporate footpaths on both sides of the road, slip roads and bus bays.  Street lighting has also been factored in the project to enhance security.

The first Phase which is substantially completed has transformed Upper Hill area, envisioned to be the Regional financial hub and home to various multinational corporations and currently characterized by competing skyscrapers. Phase II of Upper Hill project is funded by the Government under Development Vote and will take two years before completion from the date of signing expected from September 2016. This project will blend well with the on-going dualling of Ngong Road.

Meanwhile, the Authority is considering a new design for the building of two bridges across the rail line to connect to Madaraka and Ole Sangale Road and relief the gridlock on Bunyala Road and Mbagathi Road.

The reality of the Vision 2030 programmes seems near and with this infrastructural progress the quality of life and movement of goods and services will be greatly improved.

John Cheboi

For: Director General

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    Murgo July 8, 2016 at 11:31 am

    Phase 1 looks shoddy, aesthetically not appealing and many places don’t have foot paths, no cycling tracks, no proper landscaping, poor drainages, no road furniture and markings. Where are pedestrians supposed to walk? Looks very ‘kienyeji’. I hope phase 2 will be better and phase 1 can also be improved in the future. Can all urban roads be done to the level of Kilimani ring road that was done by a Japanese contractor. Proper and strict supervision is necessary to ensure the final product is up to standard.

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    Dennis July 8, 2016 at 4:42 pm

    I hope you guys ensure phase II will be properly managed. Phase one was completed and the roads were so poorly done and for an area like upperhill that’s trying to compete with the likes of Sandton, it’s just shameful. I’m surprised upperhill corporations have not sued you guys for poor service delivery for the amount of money they pay to the government. You guys should be blacklisting such contractors and making them re-do those roads. The impunity must stop

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    erick July 12, 2016 at 8:47 am

    Phase one is just an eye sore!!! it’s appalling to imagine that it took 5 years to come up with such a shoddy job. Whoever the contractor was/is must be blacklisted and banned from all matters roads. He should be ashamed of himself and KURA too should be as ashamed to be the overseer of such incompetence. In fact KURA, tell your bosses that as a Kenyan tax payer, i am utterly dismayed and disappointed in you. Find a chinese or Japanese contractor to complete phase two and redo phase one to international standards.

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    Debodrake July 13, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    “The first Phase which is substantially completed has transformed Upper Hill area, envisioned to be the Regional financial hub and home to various multinational corporations and currently characterized by competing skyscrapers.”

    This particular statement tells me all I have to know about the so called over-seeing engineers who run KURA. The phase I project was provided to a company ill-equipped (both financially and technically,) to undertake a major road project. How they even captured a contract of this magnitude and visibility beats me…..This cowboy contractor essentially took 5-6 years to complete a ~5 km road network in the premier business district in the city, and the quality of the finish is not only shoddy but simply doesn’t meet the strict requirements of the contract signed, as the earlier commenters point out.

    And despite the obvious deficiencies in the completed product, the leadership and brain-trust of KURA, claim the project is “successfully completed” and has “substantially transformed Upper hill area”. I bet you clowns will award the phase II contract to the same cowboy contractor.

    I want the supervising KURA engineer/Project manager to do Kenyans a favor and resign. I also hope the replacement leadership can take the contractor to court and make them fund the deficient aspects of the Phase I project. As someone posted, the roads in this business district have to be at a minimum, the quality done in the Kilimani ring road. Get a competent contractor to complete Phase II and fix up the Phase I portion using the funds provided in the settlement by the original contractor.

    KURA, you are a big disappointment if you publicly support and exalt contractors that do such shoddy jobs….. Pull up your socks, and kick incompetence and impunity out of your organization otherwise poorly done roads like this will be the norm.

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    joe October 2, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    I hope Phase II will be awarded to a competent contractor. Do you people have any plans to redo/improve phase I works poorly done by Mattan?