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KURA Confident on the Dualling of Limuru Road to Bolster Development

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) is confident on the completion of the dualling of Limuru Road and UN Avenue, a move aimed at enhancing their traffic-carrying capacity to match the needs of the growing populace and fuel economic growth in the region. The development project, which commenced in November 2022, is progressing well, with […]

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Intelligent Transport Systems

The Authority is keen and committed to technological advancement using artificial intelligence in enhancing urban mobility, hence its commitment to provide world-class ITS innovations in its key urban road networks in Nairobi metropolitan and its environs. The Authority has continued to maintain and optimize Intelligent Transport System (ITS) installed on twenty (20no.) intersections along Western […]

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Corporate Social Investment

The Authority continues to grow in its investment and empowering of communities as envisioned in the Corporate Policy. The policy puts emphasis on the investment of the following thematic priority areas; Education and Capacity Building; Environmental Conservation; Public Safety and Health; Disasters & Emergencies and Promotion of Social Justice. Overall, the goal of the city […]

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Stakeholders Engagement Forums

The Authority has established a robust policy on stakeholder engagement and public participation that is implemented alongside the communication policy. The engagement of stakeholders is not only a constitutional and legal requirement but as well as a reflection of our professionalism, good practice, and part of our value system. Stakeholder mapping and engagement plans are […]

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