Residents of Bungoma town have every reason to celebrate during this year’s Madaraka Day alongside invited visitors and National guests following improved road infrastructure that has greatly uplifted its status among other major towns in the county.

Through Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), the Government has upgraded 21 Km of urban road network at a total cost of Kshs.1.8 billion. This is a great boost to the ever-vibrant town of Bungoma which is a strategic hub for goods heading to and from Uganda and beyond. These roads have enhanced the potential of Bungoma and Western region as part of the Bottom-up approach that supports job creation and urbanization.

Speaking during the inspection of the roads in Bungoma town, Eng. Silas Kinoti KURA Director General lauded the efforts by leaders and local investors in supporting private investment within the town. He noted that roads play a vital role in building investor confidence and connecting people.

“Urbanisation is very critical in fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals through uplifting people’s living standards and providing human dignity while opening up access to services and improved security.” He said.

Kenya Urban Roads Authority has upgraded new roads and improved existing ones as part of enhancing connectivity and contribute to the socio-economic development of the region. Under the Annuity Road Programme, KURA has overseen the construction a road network totalling to 14.7 kilometres. The network includes Bungoma-Mateka-SamoiaMuslim Primary C33, spanning 6.3 KM, which was constructed at a cost of Kshs. 638,460,000.00 and Mateka-Mwanda-Siritanyi A104, measuring 8.4 kilometres, constructed at a cost of Kshs. 851,280,000.00. The contractor in charge was Mota Engil Contractor.

Additionally, KURA has also undertaken the improvement of several roads totalling 6.5 km at a cost of Kshs. 385,000,000.00 within Bungoma town in preparation of the Madaraka day celebrations slated for 1st June, 2024. These include Stadium Roads, Wamalwa-Kijana High School Road, Elegant Road, Kanduyi DEB – Lusaka, West FM Loop Road, and Khetias Back Street Road.

These roads have greatly benefitted residents of Bungoma through increased agricultural production, reduction in transport cost, job creation, increase in land value and improved service delivery. Other towns within Western region have also benefitted in road infrastructure. The towns include Kakamega-(9.4 km Kakamega-Ilesi-Rosterman-Emaondo Road), Vihiga-(6.0 km Vihiga-Chavakali-Munoywa-Kiritu) and Busia-(5.0 Musia Jn B1-Alupe Jnc C43 Bypass) respectively. These infrastructural developments are a testament to Government of Kenya’s commitment to transforming urban mobility in western region and county at large.