The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) is confident on the completion of the dualling of Limuru Road and UN Avenue, a move aimed at enhancing their traffic-carrying capacity to match the needs of the growing populace and fuel economic growth in the region. The development project, which commenced in November 2022, is progressing well, with the Limuru Road at 36% complete and the UN Avenue at 31%.

The project, which is funded by the government, is estimated to cost Kshs. 2.8 billion and the completion date for both roads is set for 2024. The road development will be undertaken in 2 phases: phase 1 from Maathai Road to the Muthaiga junction and Phase 2 begins from the Muthaiga road junction, loops to the Gachie/Redhill junction, and extends to Ruaka. In addition, the dualling of UN Avenue spans from the Gigiri junction to the Northern Bypass.

Limuru Road (stretching from Prof. Wangari Mathai Road through Gigiri to Ruaka Junction joining the Northern bypass) has increasingly garnered attention due to its strategic location. It serves a growing population of the diplomatic community and employees of the United Nations Office Nairobi (UNON), living and working in this area. Moreover, it plays a significant role in facilitating the mobility of Kiambu residents and the business community residing in Ruaka and Limuru. Once the project is completed, the Limuru dual carriage has a huge potential to turn the above areas into vibrant locations for investments.

The work scope of the project encompasses the construction of a 2 lane 2way dual-carriageway road at grade and with a raised central median and Cycle tracks; the construction of a Slip Road linking to the Northern Bypass Interchange; construction of acceleration and deceleration lanes 2.0m wide Non-motorized Transport facilities on each side of the road; and the construction of acceleration and deceleration lanes particularly at the major complexes including the UNON and US embassy. It’s worth noting that the dualling of the road will follow the alignment of the existing road, which has drainage facilities.

KURA has had fruitful engagements with stakeholders on how to minimize the potential disruptions caused by the ongoing construction activities. Among the fundamental goals of the Authority is to ensure that as the project is undertaken, essential services and activities within the affected areas are maintained. In this regard, the process of relocating services is underway.

As KURA implements measures to minimize traffic inconveniences and disruptions, the public is urged to cooperate with the Authority and remain alert while using these roads.