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Who we are

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) is a statutory body
established by the Kenya Roads Acts, 2007, responsible for managing,
developing, rehabilitating, and maintaining National Trunk Roads in
urban areas of Kenya.

With a head office in Nairobi and ten regional
offices, KURA covers 12,549 km of road network. The reclassification in
January 2016 expanded KURA’s mandate to all counties, with a total of
3.969 km of paved roads and 3,503.35 km of unpaved roads.

Organizational Core Values

 We commit to professionally discharge our mandate and duties to all our stakeholders.

To always maintain a culture of teamwork and commitment to duty through team synergy.

To uphold and promote transparency, accountability, honesty and ethical practices in all our endeavors.

To embrace fairness, diversity and inclusiveness for all.

Promote and encourage creativity for continuous improvement through use of modern technologies.

Our Mandate

Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) is a State Corporation, established under the Kenya Roads Act, 2007 with the responsibility for the Management, Development, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of all national urban roads.

Our Vision

The Authority aspires to be “A leading provider of sustainable urban mobility”.

Our Mission

To realize it vision, the Authority will “Provide and Manage, Quality, Safe, Adequate and Responsive Urban Mobility”.

Key Achievements

Enhanced alignment of KURA mandate and functions with the Constitution of Kenya 2010 by establishing and implementing transition mechanisms mainly through capacity building and implementing road works within the devolved government systems.

Strengthened internal capacity to effectively deliver on the mandate by effectively enhancing Human Resource Utilization and productivity, providing physical facilities and equipment, enhancing of ICT infrastructure and support as well as ensuring optimal cost management.

Effective oversight and coordination of planning, development, rehabilitation and maintenance of the mandated road network. The Authority successfully surpassed the set targets within each of the highlighted areas.

Full integration of cross cutting issues such as alcohol/substance & drugs abuse, gender mainstreaming and disability, HIV/AIDS, Corruption and governance by developing clear policies and conducting organization wide trainings and surveys.